The Purpose of The Speech Bubbles

As well as painting, drilling, sawing and measuring in preparation for the degree show, I have also been creating the display for my tabloids. I plan to have speech and thought bubbles floating above the plinth or surface in which my tabloids will sit. This is so that when someone is reading my tabloid, it… Continue reading The Purpose of The Speech Bubbles

Tabloid Edits

I wasn’t sure how to tell the punchline of one of the pages of my tabloid, so I have created 3 alternative versions and am asking my peers which one they prefer. The text says First Panel: “Without Imaginative thinking would I be able to do…” Second Panel: “THIS?” In the first one, the character… Continue reading Tabloid Edits

Tabloid: Final Stages of Editing

After looking at newspaperclub’s guidelines on printing, I have re-edited my tabloid according to their format (which has slightly different dimensions to the tabloid dimensions I’d been using).This was not a huge problem as all I needed to do was download the website’s template onto indesign and paste my images onto it. One thing that… Continue reading Tabloid: Final Stages of Editing

Tabloid Progress Continued 2

  After a Tutorial with Amelia, she suggested rather than using all one grey, use multiple greys eye-dropped from various existing ones that already exist in the image. After making these changes I have come back with this mockup: I believe that using a variety of greys like this has given more life to the images, and… Continue reading Tabloid Progress Continued 2

Tabloid Progress Continued

As stated in my previous post, I realised that the grey I had digitally added didn’t suit the rest of the image, so I’ve since changed this to a new grey. Despite thinking this is better, I still believe there’s something not quite right about the way it looks with the rest of the image. Firstly,… Continue reading Tabloid Progress Continued