Colour and Process

I have created a series of mini books to help present the process of my tabloid making, from the ink and colour scheme to the grey palette I used during the digital editing process. I printed the digital ones out on different paper as a test to see how the colours will come out on… Continue reading Colour and Process

Continuation of Books

As this project has progressed, I now have four little books that make up the backbone of my project. After experimenting with many different subjects in the first two (such as race, gender, culture and sexuality), I then went on ┬áto narrow down the subject matter to cultural issues to do with art and they… Continue reading Continuation of Books

Continuing The Books

Even though I have been focussing a lot on making the animation set, I have also been working on my little comic books in the background. I have now completed a second book, and have chosen to keep the theme of muted red/black inks throughout. Although used in different ways from comic to comic, I… Continue reading Continuing The Books