Colour and Process

I have created a series of mini books to help present the process of my tabloid making, from the ink and colour scheme to the grey palette I used during the digital editing process. I printed the digital ones out on different paper as a test to see how the colours will come out on… Continue reading Colour and Process

The Purpose of The Speech Bubbles

As well as painting, drilling, sawing and measuring in preparation for the degree show, I have also been creating the display for my tabloids. I plan to have speech and thought bubbles floating above the plinth or surface in which my tabloids will sit. This is so that when someone is reading my tabloid, it… Continue reading The Purpose of The Speech Bubbles

Professional Portfolio

Over the past few days I have been putting together my professional portfolio. I have chosen images that I think reflect my skills as an artist and illustrator, and represent the variety of medias I am able to work with. Unfortunately, I cannot find any acrylic etchings I am happy enough with to add, which… Continue reading Professional Portfolio