Colour and Process

I have created a series of mini books to help present the process of my tabloid making, from the ink and colour scheme to the grey palette I used during the digital editing process. I printed the digital ones out on different paper as a test to see how the colours will come out on… Continue reading Colour and Process

Tabloid Progress Continued 2

  After a Tutorial with Amelia, she suggested rather than using all one grey, use multiple greys eye-dropped from various existing ones that already exist in the image. After making these changes I have come back with this mockup: I believe that using a variety of greys like this has given more life to the images, and… Continue reading Tabloid Progress Continued 2

Tabloid Progress Continued

As stated in my previous post, I realised that the grey I had digitally added didn’t suit the rest of the image, so I’ve since changed this to a new grey. Despite thinking this is better, I still believe there’s something not quite right about the way it looks with the rest of the image. Firstly,… Continue reading Tabloid Progress Continued