Tabloid Progress Continued

As stated in my previous post, I realised that the grey I had digitally added didn’t suit the rest of the image, so I’ve since changed this to a new grey. Despite thinking this is better, I still believe there’s something not quite right about the way it looks with the rest of the image. Firstly,… Continue reading Tabloid Progress Continued

Mock Viva

Since I have trouble saying what I want to when I’m speaking publicly, I decided to write a script which I recorded (using my friend’s voice) for my Mock Viva. This really helped me because the nerves of speaking publicly would have hindered my mock viva quite considerably. Watch Video Here I got very good constructive… Continue reading Mock Viva


In time for my Mock Viva (a ten minute presentation about my work so far) I managed to animate a little bit of my story! Watch Video Here The new models I made are far easier to move around, and sticking down the set made a tremendous difference. To use as fake homework for the teacher to… Continue reading Animation


I have now created an animatic/storyboard that will guide me through the process of animation. It has really helped me because it allows me to be able to shoot many clips in the wrong order depending on camera angle and what the models are doing. For example, if I have a scene which I need… Continue reading Animatic/storyboard

Test Animation

Now that the set is completed for my animation, I have proceeded to create a short test animation to help gain a better understanding of frame rate and how to move the characters around successfully. Unfortunately, as I was creating this animation, there was a problem with the pipes in the next room (they were… Continue reading Test Animation