Tabloid: Final Stages of Editing

After looking at newspaperclub’s guidelines on printing, I have re-edited my tabloid according to their format (which has slightly different dimensions to the tabloid dimensions I’d been using).This was not a huge problem as all I needed to do was download the website’s template onto indesign and paste my images onto it. One thing that… Continue reading Tabloid: Final Stages of Editing

Beyond The Books

Now that I have built up a body of developmental work through my little books and other experiments (such as my animation and my digital drawings), I need to start thinking about what I may wish to show in the end of year degree show. (sketches of possible ways of displaying my work in a… Continue reading Beyond The Books

Continuing The Books

Even though I have been focussing a lot on making the animation set, I have also been working on my little comic books in the background. I have now completed a second book, and have chosen to keep the theme of muted red/black inks throughout. Although used in different ways from comic to comic, I… Continue reading Continuing The Books

Digital Conversions

As a sort of side note to my animation and book comics, I have also been experimenting with converting some comics over into a different media format. It’s no secret that have a real love for digital drawing, and feel like my work is often at its strongest when drawn digitally… most of the time.… Continue reading Digital Conversions

Further Development

After filling up a book full of these little comics, I started to think about the possible steps I could be taking to push the projects along. One of the ideas I have is to create an animation of this comic: At the moment, I’m thinking claymation might be an interesting way to animate the… Continue reading Further Development

Turning A New page On My Project

  After a couple of talks with my tutors, I decided that going down a different route to my initial ideas would be the best place to start off. I have not dropped the dragon-mouse idea, but rather left them for now to see if they find a place in my work later on in… Continue reading Turning A New page On My Project