Tabloid Edits

I wasn’t sure how to tell the punchline of one of the pages of my tabloid, so I have created 3 alternative versions and am asking my peers which one they prefer. The text says First Panel: “Without Imaginative thinking would I be able to do…” Second Panel: “THIS?” In the first one, the character… Continue reading Tabloid Edits

Tabloid Progress Continued

As stated in my previous post, I realised that the grey I had digitally added¬†didn’t suit the rest of the image, so I’ve since changed this to a new grey. Despite thinking this is better, I still believe there’s something not quite right about the way it looks with the rest of the image. Firstly,… Continue reading Tabloid Progress Continued

Tabloid Plan

To start off the tabloid creation process, I have created a plan using photocopies of the comics I want to use¬†from my books. Making this plan for my tabloid has been a great help to get an understanding of the pacing and flow of the publication as a whole. Remaking the comics also gives me… Continue reading Tabloid Plan