Anthropomorphic Animals and Their Use in Cartoons and Comics

Since I am using made up creatures instead of humans to convey very human issues, I decided to look up why non-human characters are so often used to replace humans, and why it is so successful. During my search, I found this incredibly interesting article by By DrShaym. “The thing that makes any cartoon work is simplicity.… Continue reading Anthropomorphic Animals and Their Use in Cartoons and Comics

Further Development

After filling up a book full of these little comics, I started to think about the possible steps I could be taking to push the projects along. One of the ideas I have is to create an animation of this comic: At the moment, I’m thinking claymation might be an interesting way to animate the… Continue reading Further Development

Turning A New page On My Project

  After a couple of talks with my tutors, I decided that going down a different route to my initial ideas would be the best place to start off. I have not dropped the dragon-mouse idea, but rather left them for now to see if they find a place in my work later on in… Continue reading Turning A New page On My Project


Over the summer, it’s safe to say struggled to find inspiration on what I could do as a first project for 3rd year.  Every idea was destroyed by over-thinking. So, rather than over-think, I allowed myself instead to “under-think”. I asked myself, “What have I always wanted to do?” My answer was that I’d always… Continue reading SUMMER PROJECT