Simone Lia

Artist and cartoonist Simone Lia creates comic strips about every day scenarios. These comics appear to be digitally drawn, and use interesting and aesthetic colour schemes to help aid them to be not only a relatable comic, but a visually appealing image. I can use her work as an inspiration because I too am creating comics… Continue reading Simone Lia

Tabloid Progress Continued 2

  After a Tutorial with Amelia, she suggested rather than using all one grey, use multiple greys eye-dropped from various existing ones that already exist in the image. After making these changes I have come back with this mockup: I believe that using a variety of greys like this has given more life to the images, and… Continue reading Tabloid Progress Continued 2

Tabloid Progress Continued

As stated in my previous post, I realised that the grey I had digitally added didn’t suit the rest of the image, so I’ve since changed this to a new grey. Despite thinking this is better, I still believe there’s something not quite right about the way it looks with the rest of the image. Firstly,… Continue reading Tabloid Progress Continued

Bristol Exhibition: Within Without

The first opening night for our Within Without exhibition was a resounding success! After plenty of promotion on social media and via the posters that Paperarts Bristol provided us, we had a bustling interest throughout the evening. I was incredibly happy to receive a positive reaction for my four little books, which I hung up… Continue reading Bristol Exhibition: Within Without