Professional Portfolio

Over the past few days I have been putting together my professional portfolio. I have chosen images that I think reflect my skills as an artist and illustrator, and represent the variety of medias I am able to work with. Unfortunately, I cannot find any acrylic etchings I am happy enough with to add, which… Continue reading Professional Portfolio

Tabloid Edits

I wasn’t sure how to tell the punchline of one of the pages of my tabloid, so I have created 3 alternative versions and am asking my peers which one they prefer. The text says First Panel: “Without Imaginative thinking would I be able to do…” Second Panel: “THIS?” In the first one, the character… Continue reading Tabloid Edits

Tabloid: Final Stages of Editing

After looking at newspaperclub’s guidelines on printing, I have re-edited my tabloid according to their format (which has slightly different dimensions to the tabloid dimensions I’d been using).This was not a huge problem as all I needed to do was download the website’s template onto indesign and paste my images onto it. One thing that… Continue reading Tabloid: Final Stages of Editing