Field PDP

As the Encounter module began, I started to talk to my tutor about how I could present the contents of my little books in a professional and immersive manner. Prior to my Mock Viva, I had had the idea to create an animation and then present the little black books themselves. However, after hearing through constructive feedback that my animation did not have the same emotion and depth that my books did, my ideas altered and I began to think about how I could create some kind of publication using a selection of comics from my books.

My tutor suggested to me that a newspaper might be an interesting way to present the comics because the comics were originally designed to look like ones you might find in the newspaper – even down to the pink and black colour combination used.

As this idea developed, we decided that tabloids would be more suitable due to them being easier to open and read – and less easy to ruin.

To start this off, I recreated the chosen comics in the same method I had been using before – inks and pen. This time, I took extra care to make the sure comic was neat and tidy, and I also took the opportunity to revamp the composition a little. Then, to help bring these images up to a higher standard, I used photoshop to edit, crop and colour until they were transformed from crude ink drawings to something I felt worthy of publication. This process of combining traditional and digital was an insightful and interesting experience for me, especially as I am an avid lover of both.

Despite the little black books helping me gain confidence in my work, I still like the fact that my tabloid covers do not give away what they are about until you open them. They do not yell and scream their opinions at you, but rather ask you to open them and then present their views to you page by page.

Finally, to exhibit my tabloids, I created a plinth, which was originally going to be made of pallets, but this idea was sadly scrapped due to lack of time. However, I created a small, low plinth was quite interesting – especially as it was about coffee table height – exactly where you would place a tabloid. Despite this, when placed in the room when the show build was done, I now think that a taller plinth will be more suitable as it will be more inviting for people to pick up and read.

I have speech bubbles floating above the plinth. This is so that when someone is reading my tabloid, it will appear as though they are thinking or saying the things within the speech bubbles. Depending on where you stand, different thoughts or opinions will appear to be hovering over the person – this is a representation of the important right to have different opinions.

It also reflects the fact that the same person may have many opinions, some even conflicting each other.  On the other hand, you, who is observing the person appearing the think an opinion,may prefer to see a different view hovering above the person, though no amount of walking around the installation will align the speech bubble you want to sit perfectly above the person – this is because what other people’s thoughts are, is not your choice.

Sadly, due to the height of the ceiling, I had to hang the speech bubbles a little lower than I’d wanted. This means that some may not float above people’s heads, but overall I think it will give the same effect.

In conclusion, the Encounter Module has been one the biggest learning curves of my life and has caused me to think about presenting things in in whole new ways. This module has prepared me for future exhibitions, and forced me to jump outside my comfort zone with manual construction, teamwork and overall confidence in my work and my skill.


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